AS 98 U54102 jet africa sneakers nube


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AS98 U54102 JET 101 6487 COMBI NUBE

Las auténticas y geniales sneakers AS 98 MADE IN ITALY

Deportivas cómodas hechas con materiales de la máxima calidad

Queste imagini vi mostramo il nostro mondo, dietro ad ogni prodotto A.S.98

The history of Olip S.p.A. began in 1972 in Colà di Lazise, a small town near Lake Garda, where the heart of the company still stands today. Since its establishment, the founder and current owner Piero Oliosi pursued a vision, trying to combine tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and Italian excellence with the aim of meeting the tastes and styles of different international cultures.

Always attentive to the constant changes in the market and lifestyles, Oliosi places Olip S.p.A. on the high end of the market, keeping its products always current and constantly evolving. Next to Piero Oliosi, there are his children Camilla and Cristian who, with enthusiasm and passion, work alongside their father in achieving his goals, pursuing the initial dream. Both joined the company at a young age and cultivate respectively the love for fashion and the knowledge of the footwear production processes.

In the complex footwear production chain, each stage is carefully controlled by the parent company: from the design of the products to the purchase of raw materials, from the purchase of new machinery to the start of production.

The technological investments and the modern set-up of the production processes are the basis of the Olip S.p.A. strategy which, although it wants to maintain craftsmanship, it aims to integrate new advanced features.

The purchase of materials, like all the other production stages and the control of finished products, are centralised at the main facility in Italy. The processing of materials and leather, combined with the subsequent finishing stages, define a unique production capacity sought by global buyers. All this results in a much slower and more expensive process, but in line with the requirements of a conscious and attentive market.

Once the leather has reached its destination, it is immediately dealt with by skilled workers. The technical know-how is at a very high level, because sometimes you need to be a real artist to meet the demands of designers and make everything ready for production.

Since there are no two identical pieces of leather, the single pair of shoes is unique, especially thanks to the handcrafted finish and the various decorations that are applied by hand.


Tiendas de Zapatos AS 98 en Barcelona – Sant Andreu de la Barca, Font, 10


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